Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Whether it’s serving clients better, working with staff needs, or engaging your community, moving your services towards a model that embraces gender diversity benefits everyone! This workshop will lay the foundation for:

  • understanding trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit identities and experiences (language, concepts, fundamental “need-to-knows”)
  • developing best practices for your company with respect to customer service for trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit clients
  • identifying barriers to accessibility for trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit clients
  • strategic planning for how to prioritize and initiate change within your company

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Consent and Allyship

This workshop will offer a space to explore what it looks like in practice when we make consent a central guiding ethic of all our actions. We’ll examine questions like:

  • how will practices of consent change our relationship to others, to our environment, and to ourselves?
  • how does consent change how we understand self-determination and our understandings of “helping”/”allyship”
  • how do dominant ideas about masculinity, whiteness, ability, and class (among other systemic forces) enable entitlement and violence, and how can consent be used as a tool to reaffirm autonomy?

Bystander Intervention

Many of us can relate to coming up with a “perfect response” to an act of violence that we’ve witnessed about 3 hours (or 3 days, or 3 months, …) after it has happened. In this workshop, we will develop the skills to reduce our reaction time between instances of violence that we witness and our responses to that violence. We will explore:

  • a framework for understanding systemic violence
  • why bystander intervention is an effective strategy for violence prevention
  • the ways in which power and privilege influence how and when we intervene
  • what it means to take responsibility for keeping our communities safe

Like with all other skills, bystander intervention becomes more natural in the real world when we have the chance to practice in a contained environment. This workshop will give us the opportunity to work through some of the challenges of intervention, and come away feeling more confident in our ability to take action!

**Note: This workshop is not intended to address how to respond when a person directly experiences violence. Any and all responses to experiencing violence are valid and are important acts of resistance. For more information, check out *this article* or *this page of resources* (articles by Allen Wade are ~particularly~ awesome).

Customize for Youth

Great news! All workshops on Gender Diversity, Consent, and Bystander Intervention can be adapted for youth settings. Get in touch to find out more on youth-specific curriculum on these topics :)