Throughout my career, I have learned time and time again that the most valuable learning comes from facing challenges head-on. That’s why I provide training and workshops to teams who are committed to creating a better experience – for clients, for staff, and for our communities as a whole.

Anticipate, Innovate, Lead

Good teams identify barriers. Great teams anticipate them. It’s my job to help teams reframe challenges as opportunities for innovation and leadership.  Together, we can develop cutting-edge strategies that will improve accessibility of your services and increase the diversity of clientele you are able to reach.

Facilitation & Training

I have facilitation experience from coast to coast, having offered workshops from the University of New Brunswick to the University of Victoria. Over the past 9 years, I have offered trainings on trans inclusion and gender diversity, consent, bystander intervention, anti-colonial and intersectional allyship, sexualized violence, and creating safer spaces (LGBTQ2SIA+ centred workshops).


So often, we are caught in a middle-space: On one side, we have what is comfortable, familiar, and (often) defective.  On the other side, we have what is uncertain, yet-to-be-imagined, and full of incredible potential. I envision my role as a facilitator as a bridge between these two spaces.  I truly believe that each member of a team is integral to forging the new way forward. I hope to enable teams to capitalize on their own wisdom and experience, and embrace the transition process as an opportunity for positive change.

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